How to test and verify your medical device concept

increase certainty and reduce time



Increase certainty and reduce time

Increase verification certainty and reduce time with Technolution’s Verification Framework. When you develop a new product, drug delivery system or medical device, you will want to make sure it lives up to the product specifications and regulatory scrutiny. And you will want to make sure you are on the right track from the very beginning, rather than figuring out that something is wrong at the end.


You are likely developing something so new and cutting edge, that there are no standardized tests to rely on. You will need to develop the tests with the same dedication and quality measures as you do the products.


Technolution’s Verification Framework

With Technolution on your team, you will take test and verification to a new level of professionalism. We develop the Verification Framework for you.


Our proven methods give you the guarantee of having your product specifications tested and validated in the optimal way, which secures that your product will live up to the demands.


Engineers testing device performance

We analyze data from every lab test

Which can be measured, can often be adjusted. The best way to lower production costs is being aware of tiny adjustments, that can be made early in the development process. In the development of medical devices, this is also a way upon which risks can be taken out of the project early on. We specialize in the development of test solutions for your product verification, in which we focus on data analysis and statistical analysis. Which ensures that our conclusions are valid. That’s why we encourage our customers to do product verification.

Reach next level with Test and Verification

It is, of course, possible to conclude on tendencies – and you might get far doing so. You can quickly get a sense of what will happen if you touch and pull stuff. But if you want to get to the next level, where you’ll want to sensibly optimize or develop in a specific and well-structured direction, then a dedicated focus on the test method verification is essential. Say, you need to produce millions of items per year. You want to be able to adjust tiny variables that may render a great reduction in costs in the end. Usually, the production cost is a factor very early on in the process.

Translating data into benchmarks

Some of our time is spent translating data into benchmarks, in order to make tests easier to repeat for others. Our focus is on the statistical foundation of what it is we are working on. It is imperative for us to have differentiated data, accuracy and that the data review and analysis we create is based on statistics and not conjecture.



Engineers inspecting parts

Verification testing in our lab

Once we have figured out what we want to investigate, we build a simple test setup as fast as possible. This gives some indications as to where we’re headed and what needs to be done, in order to get results. We focus on rapidly being able to generate a hypothesis, from which we can develop further verification testing. In the context of the development process, it is important that we are able to reach insights and new knowledge fast so that we can progress rapidly. And we always want to move forward. It is important to remember, that the process is about learning and generating data, for a better understanding of what we are dealing with.


Our design verification team aims to fast track our test method development. We embrace the principle about rapidly getting functional models, in order to understand the principles for the test itself. As we get deeper into it, we begin refining the test methods. Our mantra is “Learn Fast”.


Our experience in medical device verification

Technolution have vast experience within medical device verification and development of devices ranging from mechanical to medical and electronic. And the department of Test and Verification benefits tremendously from this vast amount of experience. We have a strong collaboration with the design control as well as the QA department.


We integrate with the departments of our clients, whom we collaborate with. But at the same time, we must ensure that our documentation and documentation practice comply with our quality systems. We have a focus on both, as well as a holistic understanding of the project. This ensures, that we are moving forward, developing a robust solution.


Test and Verification