Welcome to Mathias Nørbæk Johansen

Mathias Nørbæk Johansen joined Technolution February 3rd 2020 as Design Control Specialist

Mathias recently finished his master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Technical University of Denmark. His thesis focused on developing a robust and versatile method to 3D map local oxygen concentrations in artificial tissue with non-invasive means. The project was multifaceted and incorporated expertise within product development, mechanical engineering, and advanced statistics.

Mathias has previously worked at PharmaIT and Lundbeck A/S as student assistant and has gained great insight into many aspects of the highly regulated life sciences industry from conducting late phase clinical trials to assisting clients within IT compliance and system R&D.

Outside studies and part-time employments, Mathias has been deeply engaged in voluntary organizational work promoting global healthcare through education and deployment of bright engineering students to hospitals in less resourceful countries where technicians and biomedical expertise is a rarity. This has given him hands-on experience with a wide range of medical devices and their function, but also an important understanding of design implications through the whole product life cycle.

We look forward to benefiting from Mathias’ competencies as Design Control Specialist. Welcome to the team!

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