Kasper has just finished his master’s degree in Engineering Design and Applied Mechanics at DTU. He wrote his thesis in collaboration with Velux in the field of Robust Design. The aim was to develop and validate a numerical calculation model to determine wear in sliding bearings with regards to Reliability Engineering.


In 2015 Kasper was an intern at Technolution in connection with his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. Since then he has been working as an assistant engineer at Technolution on numerous MedTech projects.


Kasper has a background as a carpenter. Working seven years in the field, earning him lots of practical experience supporting his analytical profile.


Besides focusing on robust product development, Kasper from early on has been developing knowledge in finite element analysis and have exploited this skill several times at Technolution.


We look forward to benefiting from Kasper’s many skills as a development engineer. We are happy to welcome Kasper as part of team Technolution.

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