Morten Purup Andersen has a M.Sc. degree in Engineering Psychology from University of Aalborg, focusing on human interaction with User Interfaces. Morten is experienced in Usability Engineering and development of medical devices, software and IT, along with documentation and Design Control according to ISO 13485, IEC 62366-1:2015, ISO 14971, and FDA’s Human Factors Guidance. Morten has 5 years of experience from Radiometer Medical where he has authored and maintained their Standard Operating Procedure within Usability Engineering, trained colleagues in Design Control and Usability Engineering, and acted as internal consultant and Lead Usability Engineer on international projects.


Morten is experienced in all phases of medical device development; from concept to post-market surveillance. Therefore, he can offer consulting in all development phases. Morten has a deep knowledge within Design Control and the documentation required for Usability Engineering and Risk Management. Also, Morten can assist in the execution of formative and summative testing, reporting and Root Cause Analysis of results. Furthermore, Morten has extensive experience with User Experience Design and User Research.


We are happy to welcome Morten as part of team Technolution.

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