Thomas Bach Agerslev

Thomas Bach Agerslev

We are very pleased to announce that Thomas Bach Agerslev has been appointed as member of the board at Technolution. He has more than 20 years of experience within business process optimization, organisational development and strategic implementation. These are competencies which he has developed across several industries and businesses. They are of great value to us at Technolution, where business development is a core service to our customers.


At Technolution, no man works alone. And Thomas is a team player who thrives working in highly ambitious and competent teams. In particular, he has a proven track record in technical and scientific organisations. This, obviously, makes him an ideal member of the board at Technolution.


But we didn’t just choose him for his impressive resume and skill set. His personal dedication cannot be separated from his achievements. His determination to generate true value to businesses as well as his open-minded approach to people and problems is in perfect harmony with the core values of Technolution. We wouldn’t want it any other way.


It will be very exciting to see, how his experiences, expertise and passion will undoubtedly add value to our team at Technolution. We welcome you on board, Thomas.

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