Scanbur ScanClime

Scanbur: ScanClime humidity control

ScanClime® Humidity Control is a new platform used to regulate the ventilation and moisture of cages for laboratory animals, where animal welfare and climate control is a key parameter. After having produced the first prototype (proof-of-concept), Scanbur had the need to utilize external competencies to define the platform, varieties and structure, as well as to […]

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BiopSafe biopsy containers

Axlab: Biopsafe biopsy container

Axlab, a company supplying equipment for hospitals and laboratories, saw a need to avoid exposure to formalin in connection with taking and handling of biopsies, which causes allergies and cancer. Existing solutions require investment of exsuction and require complex and time-consuming processes. BiopSafe provides a unique opportunity to increase the security of the pre-analytical phase […]

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