Ambu UltraSeal

Ambu: UltraSeal disposable anesthesia masks

Great demands were put on usability and ergonomically correct use. Therefore, users and other stakeholders were involved in the development. Adapting the design to the current process competencies in Ambu’s plant in China was also an important issue, as the items are disposable meaning that low unit costs was an important focus area. Since early […]

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Radiometer Medical Capillary tube

Radiometer Medical: Capillary tube

Radiometer Medical Capillary tube Radiometer Medical needed additional resources to prepare Usability Engineering planning and documentation of Radiometer Capillary Tube to meet the IEC 62366 standard. In addition, the applied processes and documentation was to be used for the approval of similar solutions within the product family. These activities were carried out in close cooperation […]

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IntelliSave AX700 - in use

Philips Healthcare: IntelliSave AX700 anesthesia workstation

Philips Healthcare needed the right resources for the implementation of the risk analysis of a new complex device – an anesthesia workstation containing mechanics, electronics and software. Procedures and practices were to be updated according to current standards (ISO 14971). Technolution has contributed with know-how to new processes and has thereby facilitated the preparation of the product risk […]

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BiopSafe biopsy containers

Axlab: Biopsafe biopsy container

Axlab, a company supplying equipment for hospitals and laboratories, saw a need to avoid exposure to formalin in connection with taking and handling of biopsies, which causes allergies and cancer. Existing solutions require investment of exsuction and require complex and time-consuming processes. BiopSafe provides a unique opportunity to increase the security of the pre-analytical phase […]

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