ScanClime® Humidity Control is a new platform used to regulate the ventilation and moisture of cages for laboratory animals, where animal welfare and climate control is a key parameter.

After having produced the first prototype (proof-of-concept), Scanbur had the need to utilize external competencies to define the platform, varieties and structure, as well as to implement the detailed product maturing and the industrial design.


Scanbur wanted the new platform to strengthen their business base and their market position through:

  • Improved performance
  • Modular product
  • Offering multiple functions on the same platform
  • Improved visual design and service access


Morten Sunesen

CEO / Scanbur

Technolution has managed to optimize all elements of the prototype and define a modular system with increased flexibility, quality and visual design. And production time is reduced by more than 25% – without compromising usability and service access.


Technolution has added resources and pace by implementing the following:

  • Industrial design that exudes robustness and a high-end product, while it meeting demands on hygienic conditions andthe product’s internalstructure
  • Internal structure that optimizes the creation of varieties, and the test and assembly process (Simplimize)
  • Optimization of sub functions
  • Development of mechanical components, including injection and blow molds
  • Supplier selection for central components
  • 2D/3D documentation
  • Optimization of product cost price through selection and optimization of components, simplified test and assembly processes (Simplimize)
  • Cost price follow-up system
  • Assistance with regulatory approval:
    • Identification of relevant standards
    • Listing of essential components and acquisitioning of data

These activities have been carried out in close collaboration with Scanbur employees.


Aside from assisting with the mechanical development of the product, Technolution has contributed with:

  • Design identity that clearly signals the sought values and differs from the marked competitors
  • Development of a self-supporting chassis that adds a visual identity to the product
  • Internal structure that optimises the possibilities for variants (Simplimize):
    • Multiple variants can be produces based on a single platform
    • Large savings on components and assembly time has been achieved
  • Selection of components which optimizes the function and reduces the cost price (Simplimize)

Overall, a new and interesting business platform for Scanbur was created through a wide program that can be produced at very competitive prices.


The article on MedWatch.dk supports this statement:

Denmark’s Scanbur has won its biggest contract ever to supply medical equipment worth millions to a new department at the Karolinska Institute – an order that increases the company’s belief in its own product development.

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