As Project Manager Peter’s primary responsibility is to execute the projects, “and make sure we are getting somewhere” as he says.

He is an expert in materialising products and product development processes, with a broad experience in project and team management. Peter has helped bring more than 200 products to the market.

Internally, he is responsible for identifying new business opportunities for Technolution’s clients. Peter looks at new technologies, from the client’s point of view, and helps the client get started using new technologies. In particular, he focuses on the management and execution of the great yet untapped potential that lies in supplying digital technology to medical and pharma devices.

Peter is educated M.Sc. in Industrial Design and has previously worked in the innovation industry. Peter has worked in the field ranging from product development, management consulting and marketing of consumer products and digital solutions. In addition, he has been involved in several start-ups, previously as CTO in charge of production and development in cooperation with external partners.

“I am really pleased to have had the opportunity to be part of the company’s long-term venture. We can feel that there is a new dynamic, especially between the new partners. It’s not just about the bottom line but also that our “mind-set” is aimed at wanting the company’s best, as we now represent the company as those who shape it’s future.”

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