Kasper is responsible for user experience and design and that the products Technolution develops, meet users’ needs throughout the user interaction and across platforms, both physically and digitally.

Interaction design is not just about user efficiency, but also to make sure the product actually brings new value into the users’ lives – in all situations.

Therefore, Kasper is also involved in the early stages of front-end innovation, facilitating the creative processes so that the team covers all the user’s needs.

Kasper is particularly interested in co-creation and user involvement, as well as how user behaviour and psychology sets the framework for user interaction with the products and how this interaction can be utilized so that users feel closer to the products and increase user security; A crucial element in the development of medical devices.

Kasper is a graduate engineer in Integrated Design and is now expanding his professional skills with a Master of IT in Interaction Design. He has previously worked as a consultant with engineering skills within innovation and neuro marketing, including the welfare area.

“I am looking forward to the new challenges that this will bring and hope to be able to influence the health tech industry with better products  that gets faster to market and to a larger extent support the users in managing various diseases.”

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