Jon is responsible for Technolution’s usability, and at the same time has a broad profile as an R&D engineer. He is a project manager, a developer and contributes with a combination of specialist functions within usability, user testing and user involvement.

Jon makes sure that users are consulted when Technolution develops new products within medico devices. The users are essential to the entire development process, taking the different users’ genuine needs and the context of the product into account. This ensures that the product is safe, efficient and intuitive to use and provides the basis for the product to be approved by the authorities.

As a partner, Jon has a major share in the development of Technolutions’ business within front-end and usability. Jon’s task is to identify and find new project opportunities, often in cooperation with small and medium-sized companies as well as universities.

Jon is a M.Sc. in Design & Innovation from DTU and has been with Technolution for the past 3 years. He has a background as a business developer at DTU in their patent department and furthermore, Jon has start-up experience in the development of welfare technology.

“I see it as a great opportunity to get even more involved in the future of Technolution. It is very exciting to be allowed to influence the development of my workplace both business wise, professionally and strategically.”

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