When you should use virtual DoE in the design process

You are reading the second part of an article trilogy about Design of Experiments (DoE). The trilogy covers the why, when and how to perform virtual DoE in the design process. By following these guidelines, you will experience a faster, smarter and cheaper way to get results that are vastly more reliable and ultimately a greater chance of succeeding with […]

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Why you should apply virtual DoE to the design process

You are reading the first part of an article trilogy about Design of Experiments (DoE). The trilogy covers the why, when and how to perform virtual DoE in the design process. By following these guidelines, you will experience a faster, smarter and cheaper way to get results that are vastly more reliable and ultimately a […]

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Technolution prepares for a handover

A generational handover can be a huge challenge for many companies. Especially, when the company’s success is closely linked to the owner’s personal network. In Technolution, we have chosen to make all employees co-owners today to ensure a future handover within the next 5-10 years. The board has been working strategically for several years focusing […]

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Jon Storm Madsen

Jon Storm Madsen – Partner and Head of Usability

Jon is responsible for Technolution’s usability, and at the same time has a broad profile as an R&D engineer. He is a project manager, a developer and contributes with a combination of specialist functions within usability, user testing and user involvement. Jon makes sure that users are consulted when Technolution develops new products within medico […]

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Anders Grove Sund

Anders Grove Sund – Partner and Head of Test and Verification

Anders is responsible for Technolution’s testing and laboratory activities, ranging from proof-of-principle to Design Verification. He works within robust design, both as a mechanical and test developer. Anders helps Technolution’s clients develop test methods and equipment, set up tests, as well as data analysis. He focuses in particular on the experiments supporting the progress of […]

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Peter Werner Hansen

Peter Werner Hansen – Partner and Project Director

As Project Manager Peter’s primary responsibility is to execute the projects, “and make sure we are getting somewhere” as he says. He is an expert in materialising products and product development processes, with a broad experience in project and team management. Peter has helped bring more than 200 products to the market. Internally, he is […]

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Kasper Friis

Kasper Friis – Partner and Head of UX and Design

Kasper is responsible for user experience and design and that the products Technolution develops, meet users’ needs throughout the user interaction and across platforms, both physically and digitally. Interaction design is not just about user efficiency, but also to make sure the product actually brings new value into the users’ lives – in all situations. […]

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Michael Tokeskov Mikkelsen

Michael Tokeskov Mikkelsen – Seniorpartner, Project Director and Head of QA/RA

Michael is responsible for the development of Technolution’s services within Quality Assurance (QA) and Regulatory Affairs (RA), which is an area of continuous growth. Michael has extensive experience in developing medical devices and works primarily in the border area between R&D and QA, e.g. preparing QA strategy and documentation. In addition, he coordinates the cooperation […]

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Technolution has made employees co-owners to ensure future growth

Technolution A/S is an engineering company that offers consultancy and innovation to the medical industry. The management has now decided to offer all employees co-ownership. The purpose is to develop, maintain and attract the much sought after medico skills that are crucial to the company’s future development. Health technology has a high growth potential. Technolution […]

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Morten Bæk Nielsen

Welcome to Morten

Morten is a newly graduated engineer M.Sc. from DTU, where he made his thesis on robust design. The thesis was conducted in cooperation with Radiometer and aimed at developing a tool that gather and present information on robustness for a product. Morten has previously worked as an intern at LEGO, where he was part of […]

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FDA AI requests

New forces in regulatory affairs eases the approval process for medical devices

As shown in the graph above, only 31% of all 510(k) applications (Premarket Notifications) goes through the approval process without a request for ‘Additional Information’ (AI) from the US approval authority; U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This figure clarifies and emphasizes the bureaucratic and often confusing approval process that all medical devices must […]

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Why healthcare disruption-is more complex than you think

Why heathcare disruption is more complex than you think

We recommend reading this article from The Economist. It has an interesting perspective. But we have a few comments from our side of the fence where we develop healthcare innovation in collaboration with both big pharma and start-ups.   It is naive to think that the healthcare industry is falling behind because they haven’t yet […]

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Four reasons why you should communicate more visually

We have all had them in our hands. Long reports and internal documents stuffed with stock phrases, numbers, percentages, lines of reasoning and disclaimers. Documents that tempts us to only skim the executive summary because reading the whole thing will occupy us for several hours, and because we know that we will not even be […]

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Why knowledge management is the key to innovation

Why knowledge management is the key to innovation

We live in a knowledge society where knowledge is generated, processed, shared and made available to all members of society, at all times. According to David Derbyshire “Scientists have worked out exactly how much data is sent to a typical person in the course of a year – the equivalent of every person in the […]

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Marianne Lind

Welcome Marianne

Marianne is an expert in quality systems – ISO9001, AS9100, the Medical Device Standard ISO13485, including the Special Design Control Process in Medical Device Development and has worked with quality systems in the last 15 years. Most recently for 10 years at Coloplast. Marianne has also worked extensively with validation – processes, clean rooms and […]

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3D printer

Welcome to the new member of our family

FORMLABS FORM 2 Throughout the years, people have often asked us why we do not own a 3D printer, presumably because these are marketed as an essential tool in product development. The truth is that we have been using 3D printed prototypes throughout the last decade, but having a printer at the office has never […]

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The four secrets to succesful medical devices

The four secrets to successful medical devices

We often see medical devices that fail to launch at the expected date, fail to reach sales goals and thereby ROI, or even fail to reach market launch all together. When diving into the reasons for this, data reveals that project scope, execution, and expectations are key factors. Also, new studies confirm our belief:   […]

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Why the fail fast mantra will kill your business

Why the ‘Fail Fast’ mantra will kill you business

The design community has fully adopted Design Thinking as a tool for conducting rapid and efficient product innovation. At the heart of this lies the chief mantra “Fail fast, fail cheap, and fail early”, which is commonly used throughout the larger worlds of innovation and entrepreneurship. Unfortunately for businesses and entrepreneurs alike, embracing this mantra […]

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”A day sooner is worth a million dollars”

THE IMPACTS OF A HIGH-SPEED PROJECT History has shown that reduced time-to-market has a huge impact on revenue. The expression “a day sooner is worth a million dollars” originates from the pharma industry and saw the light of day in the mid 1990’s. One of the most effective ways of reducing time-to-market is by embracing […]

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Technolution congratulates Axlab on a successful launch of BiopSafe

IN THE BEGINNING OF 2014, AXLAB LAUNCHED A REVOLUTIONARY MEDICAL DEVICE FOR USE IN LABORATORIES AND CLINICS By using BiopSafe, one of the most common problems associated with handling a biopsy has been solved. The risk of being exposed to formalin has been eliminated. A risk that many doctors, veterinarians, laboratory technicians and nurses face […]

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