A warm welcome to David

David has just finished his master’s degree in Design & Innovation at DTU. He wrote his thesis in collaboration with FOSS. The aim was to examine and redesign an existing FOSS product. The goal of the project was to develop a more reliable and timesaving product for end user.   David has been working at […]

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A warm welcome to Signe

Signe holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark and plans on finishing a master’s degree within the same field in 2021, focusing on dynamical systems and product development.   Signe has studied one semester at Johns Hopkins University in the United States of America, gaining insight into different aspects […]

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We’ve got new Usability Engineering test facilities

After upgrading our Usability test facilities, we now have an observatory where our customers and ourselfs can observate users undisturbed during the Usability test.   Vi udførte i Januar 2018 et brugerstudie i samarbejde med Technolution i deres nye testfaciliteter. De store lyse lokaler fungerede rigtig fint til formålet. Teamet og interessenter fra virksomheden kunne […]

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Victor Domanyi Bertelsen

A warm welcome to Victor

Victor is one of Technolution’s student assistants and will be involved in all aspects of the product development phase from concept, prototyping, mechanical development to testing, documentation and production setup.   Besides working for Technolution, Victor is studying his master’s degree in Design and Innovation at The Technical University of Denmark and is planning to […]

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Nilarosa Norandrew

A warm welcome to Nilarosa

Nila just graduated as a Product Development engineer from DTU. Nila did her thesis in collaboration with Jabra focusing on the development of a new open fit headset design with a UX focus.   During her education, Nila has specialized in User Experience Design, Usability Testing, Quality Management, and Project Management. As part of her […]

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Mechanical engineers at work

The engineer’s guide to Design Control

When developing medical devices many challenges must be overcome but Design Control does not have to be one of them. Design control is a set of quality practices and procedures incorporated into the design and development process to control the design process and assure that device specifications meet user needs and intended use.    […]

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Bussy day at work

Implementing an effective Risk Management process

Identifying, estimating, and evaluating your device risks at the right time will increase the quality and safety of the device and can motivate the project members. Furthermore, it adds value by decreasing the project risks and avoiding costly late-stage changes. An effective Risk Management process is mandated by regulatory authorities (21 CFR 820 and 93/42/EEC […]

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A checklist for better product requirements

Design Input – agreeing on what to design Development projects are complex and often the team is not even in the same location. Writing unambiguous and specific design input requirements are of the utmost importance. According to a study that included large, medium, and small companies (incl. healthcare), opinions about why projects are impaired and […]

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Usability engineers discussing findings - MedTech Development

Why is Usability Engineering important?

Save time and money by focusing on Usability Engineering For some, it might seem obvious that for a product to be successful, the User Interface needs to be easy, safe and effective for the users to use, which requires a dedicated focus on designing and evaluating the interface. For others, it might seem excessive to […]

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Human Factors study notetaking

Planning your Usability Engineering activities

Why plan your Usability Engineering activities? What is User Interface Evaluation planning and why should you make an evaluation plan in the beginning of your project? Most larger projects begin with a detailed plan, which is then updated as the project progresses. This is an important tool to ensure progress and movement in the right […]

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Gaining the benefits of integrating Usability Engineering, Design Control, and Risk Management

Getting your device faster on the market by integrating separate processes In many projects Usability Engineering, Risk Management and Design Control are three separate processes. Though this is partly true, there are also lots of overlap and dependencies between them. This article briefly describes how you can integrate these activities to increase the chance of […]

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ISO 13485:2016 certification received

  Certified in activities regarding: Design, development of Medical Devices and lvD Medical Devices. Risk Management and Usability Engineering activities.   We celebrate our certification to ISO 13485: 2016, the international standard for medical devices. It is a long-awaited update from the well-established ISO 13485: 2003. We have been working on implementing ISO 13485: 2016 […]

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How to test and verify your medical device concept

“Please explain Test and Verification in simple terms” – we get this question quite often. A great part of our work at Technolution revolves around building robust test methods. That are focused on generating knowledge and insights early in the development process of medical devices. The foundation for working with medical device test methods is […]

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A warm welcome to Lars

Lars Eilertsen has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Denmark (2003). After working in the office furniture industry, he joined Technolution for six years where he worked on assignments for Radiometer, Coloplast and Novo Nordisk.   Now Lars has returned to Technolution after seven years at Novo Nordisk, where he […]

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Should you invest in Augmented Reality today?

Deciding on whether or not you should invest in Augmented Reality today, is not easy. If you get on board too soon, you risk investing in something the world is not yet ready for. Getting on board too late and you’ll risk losing your market or growth potential. We know, it’s not easy! But, perhaps […]

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A warm welcome to Tobias

Tobias has a degree in marketing from Niels Brock business college of Copenhagen. Tobias has 2 years experience in marketing from the builder’s merchant industry, working for Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark’s sub-brand Optimera.   During his 2 years in the marketing department at Optimera, he was responsible for their SoMe marketing, video productions, catalogs, and digital […]

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