Facilitation is key to bringing fresh perspectives into common design and engineering tasks. It has been shown to improve creativity, decision making, team cohesion and overall performance. Workshops that are not facilitated properly often result in unmotivated participants and an output with too narrow a solution space and too little innovative ideas.


To help our current and future clients get more out of their workshops and front-end resources, we have initiated a collaboration with DTU on developing the new standard for ideation workshops.


Better facilitation leads to better ideas

We aim to look at how to increase commitment from participants, increase performance overall, and to help bring together insights from the diverse expertise often needed in the MedTech sector. The project will initially focus on creative facilitation in brainstorming as this is a key challenge in the MedTech area. Specifically, how to better engage specific roles, e.g. engineers in the brainstorming process – potentially through a redesign of the method and the framing of the tasks within the method.


Brainstorming, design, workshop


Better ideas lead to higher business potential

Through this collaboration we aim at getting a documented framework for ideation facilitation, that:

  1. Improves participant motivation – also long term
  2. Improves participant engagement
  3. Improves team cohesion


Our initial study shows that these parameters have a direct impact on your core business potential. Therefore, improving these three parameters can result in:

  • Increased performance and commitment in your project team
  • More and better ideas and solutions, faster
  • Decreasing development time and lower development cost


To keep up to date with our findings and to take part in the journey towards better ideas, all you need to do is follow us on LinkedIn.


You can start getting better ideas, today.

Reach out to Kasper Friis, Head of UX and Design via phone, +45 31 40 00 90, or e-mail, kf@technolution.dk, to learn more about the tools to get you started right now.




About the author

Kasper Friis

Kasper Friis, Head of User Experience and Design, Technolution A/S

Kasper is an expert in designing coherent products and user experiences across physical and digital platforms, that meets user needs, are feasible, and viable. In addition to his design and engineering background, Kasper has more than seven years of experience with product design, and holds a masters degree in Interaction Design and Multimedia.

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