Turning real insights into a positive user experience and a commercially successful medical device.


The user experience is central to the successful reception of your product on the marked. When developing a new product we need to consider how the user experiences your product.

Not just how the product looks and feels to the user, but also how the user interacts with your product in a normal day-to-day context. The use of your product has to be a good experience. There is no greater brand value than this.

Nothing about this is obvious. We cannot guess or assume what someone else experiences. Therefore, in order to succeed with your product, you will need to go beyond what you think you know about the users and you must validate your assumptions. 




Medical focus means focusing not only on patients, but all device users.

We cannot guess how the user perceives the functionality of the product. Or how easy it will be for them to figure it out or how the product will enter their daily routines. Real people must test the prototypes in proper context.

We know how vital it is for you that your products are intuitive and pleasant to use for all your customers, regardless of age, gender or size.

That is why we have developed a process. And that is why we have a team of skilled engineers and designers who specialise within this field. We help you design the experience of your products.

Jens Thor Hansen

R&D Manager / Ambu

Technolution has been a key player in creating a product optimized for uses.

Carsten Aagaard

R&D Manager / Radiometer Medical

Based on experience from previous collaborations Technolution was the natural choice for the job.

Our Capabilities

  • Opportunity identification
  • User research
  • Ethnographic research
  • User preference and acceptance research
  • Aesthetics/visual language/branding research
  • Design Thinking
  • Ideation
  • Concept development
  • Journey mapping
  • Co-creation
  • Physical prototyping
  • Interaction prototyping
  • Visual brand language
  • Experience mapping
  • Experience design
  • Visualization
  • User testing
  • Device design
  • Information design
  • Packaging design
  • IFU design
  • GUI design

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