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Our extensive experience serving pharmaceutical and medical device firms in a broad range of therapeutic areas has given us a deep knowledge of the regulatory and user experience trends affecting the industry, including the ever-evolving documentation requirements.


As most markets are increasingly crowded, design has earned a place on the CEO agenda in the pursuit of having their products stand out. However, MedTech companies have fallen behind other industries despite the more elusive growth in this sector:


High-growth segments are shrinking: down from 20 percent of the market in 2011 to 12 percent in 2016 and falling. For the many MedTech companies exposed to categories with low to moderate growth, patient-centric and clinician-centric design offers a key to stand out from competitors, and unlock gains in market share, access, and reimbursement. – McKinsey & Company [1]


Nonetheless MedTech companies often struggle to capture the benefits of good design. That is what we feel we are put into this world to improve. We are passionate about helping our clients – and their users – reach full potential.



How we help clients

Product Design

We explore unmet user needs to create the breakthrough products and packaging designs of tomorrow. Through a fast-paced iterative use of rapid prototyping, we continuously incorporate learnings before delivering the final product design, supported by the usability validation plan, manufacturing plan, commercial case, and the quality management strategy – aspects that are paramount to a successful product launch.

Experience Design

Our UX and design team develop delightful experiences customized to empower patients and support professionals. A Design Thinking mind-set enables our experts to empathize with users throughout the user journey. Based on this, we map out where and how best to engage with patients and healthcare professionals alike to reimagine, design, test, and implement new and better experiences – both digital and physical. The impact is immediately evident on both customer satisfaction, patient adherence, and revenue growth.

Packaging Design

Both primary and secondary packaging set the framework for critical steps in the user journey, the latter often overlooked in the creation and design of new products. The design of the secondary packaging has a large impact on compliance to intended use, as this is the first interaction between user and product – this experience shapes the way customers will interact with the product in the future. We anchor our work on the intended use and test and refine the packaging, the instructions for use, and the patient information leaflet using agile methods. The re-envisioned unboxing experience is not only delightful, but can reduce unintended use, decrease risks, and increase adherence.





What design can do for patients

Like innovation and disruption, the term design is often misused. Design is not just about making things look good. Rather, it is a mindset and a process to deeply understand users and to create new products, services, or experiences that address users’ unmet needs – physically, digitally, or both. For a patient using a MedTech device, a better design can improve adherence, and even reduce pain and side-effects[2].

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Together we can win


We know that working together is the best way to unlock growth opportunities through breakthrough products, services, experiences, and software. Together, we will co-create a tailored process, all the way from concept to prototype to the finished product in the hands of the patient.

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Jens Thor Hansen

R&D Manager / Ambu

Technolution has been a key player in creating a product optimized for uses.

Carsten Aagaard

R&D Manager / Radiometer Medical

Based on experience from previous collaborations Technolution was the natural choice for the job.

A selection of our services

  • Opportunity identification
  • User research
  • Ethnographic research
  • User preference and acceptance research
  • Aesthetics/visual language/branding research
  • Design Thinking
  • Ideation
  • Concept development
  • Journey mapping
  • Co-creation
  • Physical prototyping
  • Interaction prototyping
  • Visual brand language
  • Experience mapping
  • Experience design
  • Visualization
  • User testing
  • Device design
  • Information design
  • Packaging design
  • IFU design
  • GUI design

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