Usability Engineering is our scientific approach to develop safe, secure and intuitive products.


Usability Engineering helps your products work for your users. Too often it is taken for granted that the user will be able to use a well-designed product. But nothing about this process is obvious. A product might work for a female but not a male, or it might be perfect for an elderly man, but ill suited for a young woman. Different people have different needs and may experience different obstacles when using a specific product.

It is not easy to make products easy to use. But it is just as necessary as making the product meet its specifications, regulatory demands and other ISO standards. 

We know how vital it is for you that your products are safe, secure and easy to use.

That is why we have developed a process and the reason we have a team of skilled engineers who specialise within this field. We help you build a solid understanding of the users’ challenges with testing you product.

This is a scientific approach. We construct tests in ways that allow us to catch flaws and errors early. The functionality of the product is tested thoroughly and with great precision.   


Validate your decisions from the beginning

We advise you to include Usability Engineering as early as possible. The most cost-effective approach is to test the functionality of your future product already on the conceptual stage. This provides you with a clear and validated path forward. By doing so you also avoid wasting resources on a feature that will later prove itself useless. 

Usability engineering with Technolution provides you with factual data. Therefore you get the tools to make the right, validated decisions.


You can apply it throughout the entire development process. Hence, we can test the usability of the earliest proof-of-concept and onward. 

Finally it is important to note that you will receive documentation for every step of the process. This helps lay the foundation for future approval by the authorities.

Jens Thor Hansen

R&D Manager / Ambu

Technolution has been a key player in creating a product optimized for uses.

Ole Jakobsen

Owner / Axlab

Technolution’s broad know-how has meant that we have a well proven product ready for the market.

Our Capabilities

  • Usability engineering (DS/EN 62366)
  • Human factors consultancy and advice
  • Human factors engineering (HFE) plan development
  • Human factors analysis (e.g. task analysis)
  • Formative usability studies
  • Summative usability validation studies
  • Instructions for use
  • Identification of known use issues
  • Use-related risk assessment

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