Optimize the design of experiments for your product to deliver creative and robust medical devices

Technolution’s experts can help you make the most value of your Design of Experiment (DoE) process in product development. Our experts possess broad knowledge in varying the parameters of functions of a product in a controlled setup and use statistics to find out how the varying parameters affect the functions of the product with a minimum number of trial subjects.

In addition, Technolution has broad experience in applying Design of Experiments early in the design cycle through virtual experiments to gain early insight into the product robustness. Our Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) experts can perform different types of numerical analyses, such as Finite Element Method (FEM) calculations, to conduct these virtual Design of Experiments.

Technolution’s Design of Experiments experts can help you all the way from idea, though product development and iterations until the finished and certified product. We have years of extensive experience in medical device development and we have done so for several of Denmark’s leading medical device companies. As a result, we are at the forefront of the unique demands of Medical Device development and our specialists are prepared to utilize their experience to make your product design a success.


We can help you with complete implementation of Design of Experiments from start to finish, which includes:

  • Organization and coordination of both physical and virtual DoE processes
  • Setting up trials and determining varying parameters
  • Procurement of test products for trials
  • Provide testing
  • Statistical data processing of test results with SAS JMP
  • Analysis of processed data to explore options and solution spaces
  • Technical sparring about possible solutions to problems