Allan Spork, CEO:

“We strive to be known as breaking new grounds, being critical, having deep professional insight and the having the guts to question the ordinary – and deliver the right products on time.”


These are our current open position. We always welcome unsolicited applications as well. Feel free to e-mail us your application and resume.

We will get back to you as soon as we can. (All applications will be stored for 6 months and then deleted).



Alexandre Gegelashvili, Development Engineer:

“The work we do is super exciting and serious. It is nice that there is time for an engineering joke every now and then.”

About getting hands on with all sorts of technical and design challenges

Engineers and project managers in many companies are drowning in paperwork and meeting activities. The purpose and outcome can be difficult to spot. With our short internal decision-making process and flat organizational structure, it is surtain that you will get hands on with the real design and engineering challenges – after all, that is our bread and butter. For the same reason, we highly prioritize both your professional and personal development with ongoing education both externally and internally.

As an important part of our dedicated team with individual deep professional skills, you will be working on a wide range of projects. We work with major international organizations, but focus on our delivery – so you will quickly find that your work makes a difference.

Lars Eilertsen, Development Engineer:

“I love the fact that my work is always professionally challenging me with diverse tasks and corresponding technical solutions.”

A day in the life of...


Michael T. Mikkelsen

Project Director – Head of Design Control

Michael is often out of office, working with clients. Utilizing his deep knowledge of and experience with development of medical devices, Design Control, ISO 13485, ISO 14971, IEC 62366-1 and FDA requirements, he manages and leads client projects.

While maintaining the large picture he is also working on the documents himself, preparing e.g. design input requirements, Risk Management documents, test plans, test protocols and test reports in close cooperation with the project group at the client’s.

His extensive experience helps him maintain an overview of the activities and is also a prerequisite for bridging R&D, RA and QA competences to prepare the design control documentation at a correct and sufficient level.

“I enjoy diving into new unexplored technical areas and I know that the work I do makes a difference and helps clients secure their business – also on the long term.”

Lars Eilertsen

Senior Development Engineer

Lars is involved in every part of the product development process. On a daily basis he uses both his strong technological profile and his practical approach to problem-solving. Therefore, you will often find Lars building functional models in the toolshop or conducting tests and analyses in the lab. Furthermore, Lars is often working at clients’ premises and sometimes for longer periods at a time.

“When I am working with clients I often run into challenges with the device construction. Then I know, that creativity and technical analysis are the tools that enable me to solve these challenges.