The company Technolution are the first in history to have received the highest class of approval for medical products, the class 3, for an app. The product has been developed in collaboration with a major software company, which is yet to be revealed. It is a mobile phone implant with a pre-installed app, which is to be implanted in the little finger and thumb of operative agents in the service of US intelligence.

The app and its implant is designed to call for emergency rescue as the agent snaps his fingers. As the call goes through the agent will stick his thumb in his ear and speak into the pinky.






The development of this class 3 app has not been without challenges for the Danish company. The team experienced a surprisingly huge challenge related to the User Experience. Kasper Friis, UX expert in Technolution explains:


“We assumed in the ideation phase that everybody knows how to signal that one is on the phone. You know, by sticking your thumb in the ear and your pinky to the mouth. That was the whole premise for the concept. But already in our initial user testing we realized that the target group simply didn’t get it. The thumb ended up in every body cavity except the ear. We had failed to take into account that the majority of the operative agents consists of the so-called Millennials.”


It quickly became clear for the team that a special focus had to be made on understanding the behavior and culture of the primary users, if the app should hope to achieve the challenging class 3 approval. Kasper Friis continues:


“The hand gesture “thumb-to-ear” belongs to the older generations who grew up with a landline phone. Millennials only know about smart phones, so this hand gesture isn’t intuitive for them. Once we realized this we could take it into account. And that speeded up the process tremendously towards concept and fully developed product.”


iAgent - detail



The team in Technolution is very satisfied with the class 3 approval of the app – and it is predicted to become a huge success. Peter Werner Hansen, Head of Business Development, explains openly about the long-term and fairly complex business strategy:


“Initially this product is developed for the agents in service. And that is a good thing compared to the future business perspectives. We acknowledge that the user might look like someone who’s a bit insane in the membrane, flashing hand signs like his grandpa. But we expect that future James Bond movies will be inspired by reality. And once Agent 007 does it, dedicated fans will pick up on it and do the same, whether they have the implant or not! We know this from our extensive research on several fan cultures, such as Star Trek. And that, we expect, with drive the demand from the regular consumers. They will not even notice that they will actually be first movers, once the product reaches the Danish market.”


The product is called iAgent and is expected to be launched 1st of April 2019.

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