Nila just graduated as a Product Development engineer from DTU. Nila did her thesis in collaboration with Jabra focusing on the development of a new open fit headset design with a UX focus.


During her education, Nila has specialized in User Experience Design, Usability Testing, Quality Management, and Project Management. As part of her studies, Nila had an internship at Siemens A/S in the Business Excellence department working with Process Optimization and Change Management.


Nila has a background as an executive assistant and bookkeeper which has provided her with a good understanding of business and structure. She uses a structured approach in projects and has focused on delivering on time while ensuring the budget and quality of the project.


Nila has an analytical mindset which she uses to make a connection in data and to design the best method-setup in projects.


We are happy to welcome Nila as part of team Technolution.

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