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We've got new Usability Engineering test facilities

After upgrading our Usability test facilities, we now have an observatory where our customers and ourselfs can observate users undisturbed […]

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Victor Domanyi Bertelsen

A warm welcome to Victor

Victor is one of Technolution’s student assistants and will be involved in all aspects of the product development phase from […]

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Nilarosa Norandrew

A warm welcome to Nilarosa

Nila just graduated as a Product Development engineer from DTU. Nila did her thesis in collaboration with Jabra focusing on […]

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Mechanical engineers at work

The engineer's guide to Design Control

When developing medical devices many challenges must be overcome but Design Control does not have to be one of them. […]

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Bussy day at work

Implementing an effective Risk Management process

Identifying, estimating, and evaluating your device risks at the right time will increase the quality and safety of the device […]

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A checklist for better product requirements

Design Input – agreeing on what to design Development projects are complex and often the team is not even in […]

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We are only happy if you are happy

Jens Thor Hansen

R&D Manager / Ambu

Technolution has been a key player in creating a product optimized for uses and production processes.

Ole Jakobsen

Owner / Axlab

Development of medical devices is a long and complicated process that Technolution has carried out with great expertise.

Carsten Aagaard

R&D Manager / Radiometer Medical

Based on experience from previous collaborations Technolution was the natural choice for the job.

Ole Jakobsen

Owner / Axlab

Technolution’s broad know-how has meant that we have a well proven product ready for the market.

Charles L. Pedersen

Manager, Mechanical Design & Research / GN Netcom

We have years of experience with Technolution as the primary partner in mechanical projects.

Benny Matthiassen

Head of Mechanical Design / Coloplast

Technolution has introduced us to new methods of development that will increase the efficiency of our mechanical development team.

Carsten Aagaard

R&D Manager / Radiometer Medical

Technolution has delivered flexible, competent and proactive work in good and close collaboration with our team.

Morten Sunesen

CEO / Scanbur

Technolution has managed to optimize all elements of the prototype and define a modular system with increased flexibility, quality and visual design. And production time is reduced by more than 25% – without compromising usability and service access.

Charles L. Pedersen

Manager, Mechanical Design & Research / GN Netcom

Through many years, we have had good experiences with having Technolution as a partner in mechanical projects.

Lars Hansen

General Manager / PowerSense

Technolution is a competent development partner who takes on the task and delivers results beyond our expectations regarding both quality and speed.

Charles L. Pedersen

Manager, Mechanical Design & Research / GN Netcom

We feel secure when the experts from Technolution are involved in our projects.

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