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Technolution is a competent development partner who takes on the task and delivers results beyond our expectations regarding both quality and speed.

General Manager, PowerSense


PowerSense has developed a basic sensor technology for wireless measurement of power and voltage in high voltage systems. The sensor is a part of the DISCOS® system, which is a high-quality control system for power line networks.

PowerSense wished to develop a unique system that could be put into operation at various grids without interrupting power and expose high voltage cables. In addition, the sensor system was to have a life of more than 25 years and designed for outdoor use. This required great demands on technical solutions, materials and construction because of the extreme conditions in the high voltage fields such as heat / cold, UV light, corrosion etc.


PowerSense chose to use Technolution as a partner for the mechanical part of the product development.

Technolution was responsible for concept development, modulation, design, detailed design, variant design, prototyping, production of tools and approval, price calculations, test and delivery of approximately 600 0-series systems.


A system was developed that fixes the sensor as close to the wire as possible and at the same time protects the sensor against external forces. There are more than 200 variants. Because of a structured product program, all needs were covered based on 3 basic designs. The product range for OHL sensor can be adapted to electric networks worldwide, including a voltage level from 12 to 36KV, different needs for measurement of power and / or voltage variation of the conductor’s dimensions and material etc.

Furthermore, Technolution established the entire structure of the new product platform, re-design of existing components, production start-up and the building of a new 2D documentation system, in order for PowerSense to have access to the documentation as if it was carried out in their own development system.

The product platform ensures that PowerSense quickly and easily can create 2D documentation, bills of materials, production specifications etc. when a specific order comes in.

Technolution competences

Technolution has a unique combination See our competences
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of resources, which enables us to contribute to all phases of the project.

Technolution has served as external mechanics department to PowerSense in developing this unique control system to power lines.

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Medical devices
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