Laser Welding

Laser welding simplifies the production process


Medical devices with complex assembly operations, for example, hoses and valve functions can have high failure rate during the assembly and service.

To minimize the risk when developing a new medical device, designers often choose well-known, proven construction methods and solutions. However, gluing processes require processing time in production and at the same time they are harder to control and requires special measures like exhaustion and process surveillance. Ultrasonic welding can be difficult to control and is suitable primarily for simple assemblies. Use of new and innovative methods of assembly requires a convincing cost benefit and a convincing case story.

Laser welding of plastics has been used by Technolution since 2006, but is still unknown to most plastic constructors.


Laser welding of plastic parts is a simple, fast and stable process

  • Reduces errors during assembly and service
  • Reduces assembly time
  • Increases reproducibility

Plastic components can be joined to units that replaces complex, time-consuming assembly work. More features can be integrated – for instance fluid transport, valve functions, connections, construction elements, …

Laser welding requires investment in process equipment, but the ROI is ensured through shorter process time, reduction of errors and a stable quality. Manufacturers of laser welding equipment offers laser welding of components and therefore the company can avoid or postpone investment in process equipment.


The development work is carried out close cooperation with the clients’ development and production team.

Technolution participated in the entire process from concept development and design of devices, identification and procurement of laser welding tools, design of jigs and production of the finished devices.

Radiometer Medical ApS

  • Laser welding of plastic components for replacement of pipes, valve function and connections in a blood gas analyzer
  • Concept, Construction, Selection of Supplier, Run-in of Process

Ferring Pharmacutical

  • Re-design of primary packaging
  • Design, Materials, Laser Type

Technolution skills

Technolution has a unique combination See our competences
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of resources, which enables us to contribute to all phases of the project.

Technolution participated from concept to production and has introduced laser welding of plastic components in several projects.

We used:
Research & development
Usabiliy & design
Medical devices
Quality assurance
Project management

Technolution contribution

Technolution can qualify laser welding as joining technology in various ways:

  • Introducere metoden, f.eks. via workshops, konceptudviklingsaktiviteter, m.v. i udviklingsafdelingen
  • Analysere og kvalificere relevante konstruktioner
  • Gennemføre eller bidrage til business case for lasersvejsning
  • Gennemføre konstruktion, leverandørvalg og procesindkøring for lasersvejsning i kvalificerede konstruktioner

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