Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless

GN Netcom has years of experiences with Technolution as a primary partner in mechanical projects. Technolution’s effective 3D master model made sure that we had a good result after three intensive weeks working in the design team.

Manager, Mechanical Design & Research


The market has shown that there is a need to plan, monitor and continuously evaluate and optimize personal training. Until today, this typically required several devices from multiple vendors.

GN Netcom lacked resources to help develop a 3D master model to a brand new “all-in-one” training unit with integrated heart rate monitor.

To achieve a heart rate monitor that can measure so precisely that there is only 0.8 % deviation from the scientific Electrocardiogram (ECG), it is very important to have a good ear fitting.

It was GN Netcom’s goal to make a good fitting for all ears with as few “EarGel” variants as possible.


Usability Design and Engineering:

In cooperation with GN Netcom and the external designer, Technolution was responsible for the construction of the final 3D model.  In 3 weeks, Technolution created a robust and effective “master model” ready to use for retail construction of the headset itself.

Ears are different and have geometrically complex shapes. This means that the prototype development required great flexibility in the underlying 3D models. Technolution develop a 3D “master model” that could be change easily based on usability tests and automatically adjust the necessary changes in all sub-components.

The 3D “master model” made it possible to develop and deliver the product with only 4 different “EarGels”, and still assure a good and comfortable fitting.

The 3D “master” model also takes into account the right draft angles so that the product is moldable.


Throughout the project, Technolution primarily work with the 3D “master modeling” and in collaboration with GN Netcom retail design, Design for Manufacturing, definition of tool concepts and drawing documentation.

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless eliminates the use of multiple Devices.

“Jabra has created a device that can deliver accurate biometric information, both visually and through sound, all in one unit, which most athletes already use. Thus all enhancements are made superfluous,” concludes Jennifer Bunn, PhD. , Assistant Professor and Director of the Division of Training Science at The Campbell University.

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless was nominated for Ingeniørens Produktpris 2014 (The Danish Engineers’ Product Award 2014) in the category Innovation Award.

Technolution skills

Technolution has worked primarily with the 3D “master modeling”. Technolution has a unique combination See our competences
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of resources, which enables us to contribute to all phases of the project.

Technolution participated all the way from idea to CE marking.

We used:
Research & development
Usabiliy & design
Medical devices
Quality assurance
Project management

Our Role

This project is a good example of Technolution’s ability to quickly step into a project team and contribute with our unique knowledge of 3D modeling of complex geometries optimized in accordance with the principles of Design for Manufacturing.
We look forward to the product launch, and not least to try Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless next time we go jogging together in Technolution.


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