Jabra Motion

GN Netcom has years of experiences with Technolution as a primary partner in mechanical projects.
In this project, Technolution participated from the initial investigations to the final prototyping, and contributed with innovative integration of electronics and mechanics, not previously seen in the market for headsets.
We feel comfortable involving Technolution and their specialists in our projects as a part of our own internal development staff.

Manager, Mechanical Design & Research


In 2012, GN Netcom began the development of a new headset that would stand up to the most selling Bluetooth headset.

The project had an ambitious time frame focusing on:

  • “Time to market”
  • Robust mechanical solutions
  • Integrating new technology
  • Fitting into a compact yet appealing design


Technolution has since 2004 been GN Netcom’s preferred partner within mechanical development.

Throughout the project, Technolution has been able to use our yearlong experience. Among other things, the project involved:

  • Design of robust mechanical solutions
  • Identification of the optimal solutions on all parameters for the best market value
  • Master Modelling – Generating design using CREO / Pro Engineer with high quality surface modification robust modelling (Technolution has some of the most experienced CAD designers within CREO / Pro Engineer)
  • Understanding solving complex problems in cooperation with specialists from wide-ranging fields of competence


Technolution’s commitment and focus was a significant factor on the marketing of Jabra Motion within the ambitious timeframe. The result was a design unique to the market GN wished to conquer.

The positive side effects of the new design is that GN has experienced a decline in complaints compared to older designs, which underlines the robust design provided by the “Technolution-people”.

Technolution competences

Technolution has a unique combination See our competences
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of resources, which enables us to contribute to all phases of the project.

Technolution participated all the way from idea to CE marking.

We used:
Research & development
Usabiliy & design
Medical devices
Quality assurance
Project management

For further information:

Allan Spork

Managing Director