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Technolution was flexible and able to react quickly and in a competent way in all situations throughout the project. Technolution has participated as an integrated part of our business.

Head GN New Business


”Augmented reality” technology is an area that GN is now able to provide at a price level attractive to a larger market. GN therefore wished to market the product as quickly as possible to ensure a leading market position for the 3D headsets and at the same time encourage innovation among app developers and users for new applications. “Time-to-market” was therefore a critical factor for it to be successful.

During five weeks, a prototype of the headset that could be produced in a limited volume for quick distribution to the new app developers was to be developed. 

In the second phase, a finished headset integrated to the new intelligent electronics with an existing headset design was to be delivered. The solution was to be mass produced within 5 months – for users as well as developers.


Technolution was a part of the project team as an independent mechanics development department and took full responsibility for delivering the specified solution within the defined limits of time and quality.

One of many reasons for the success of project despite the narrow time frame is Technolutions unique knowledge in:

  • CAD design and analysis
  • Materials and mechanical design
  • Experience from the development of consumer electronics

And, last but not least, the fact that Technolutions “Lead Engineer” throughout the process was able to draw on his colleagues’ extensive experience in all the relevant fields.


The product was first introduced on The Interactive Cologne Trade Fair, a leading trade fair for new technology and “start-ups” – GN could after only 5 weeks deliver the first 100 headsets to GN’s partners in 3D sound (app developers).

After delivery of the finished structure, secured Technolution quality of the finished product by acting as GN New Business extended arm in the technical dialogue with the manufacturer in China.

Technolution competences

Technolution has a unique combinationSee our competences
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of resources that enable us to contribute to all phases of the project. 

The project included most of Technolution’s special knowledge. The case primary required knowledge within Project Management and Manufacturing.

We used:
Research & development
Usabiliy & design
Medical devices
Quality assurance
Project management

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