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GN Netcom Partnership

With a consistent high level of professionalism, convincing results and great flexibility, Technolution is one of our preferred partners.

Manager, Mechanical Design & Research


Due to the very short product life of headsets, high momentum in the product development process is a critical competitive factor for GN Netcom.

For GN Netcom to be competitive, it is essential that the development has:

  • The right capacity
  • A very high momentum and high accuracy
  • A global outlook, both in relation to the global market and the global production

GN Netcom has a permanent development staff and has decided to address periods of high workloads with the use of external resources.


The form of cooperation varies based on the demands of any specific project to ensure the right capacity.

Independently, Technolution has been responsible for the mechanical development of several of GN Netcom’s latest products. In other cases, Technolution has participated as an effective resource in the team at GN Netcom.

In hectic periods, Technolution has contributed with flexible, dedicated and effective consultants, resulting in adding the project pace necessary for the products to reach the market as per the Gantt chart.

As part of the development work at GN Netcom, Technolution cooperates directly with Chinese production on production concepts, process optimisation, approval of molds, etc. For periods of time, we worked on-site in China.


Technolution’s project participants are very conscious about using the knowledge, experience and network of their colleagues. This means that GN Netcom can benefit from the vast experience that Technolution has gathered from more than 100 development projects.

Our highly developed ability get up to speed quickly with new tasks coupled with our ability to create commercial value for our clients creates a healthy basis for a long lasting partnership.

Through the past decade, Technolution has cooperated with GN Netcom on 20 development projects. These projects have resulted in seven headsets sold under GN Netcom own brand, Jabra®, and several OEM products.

Technolution competences

echnolution has a unique combination See our competences
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of resources, which enables us to contribute to all phases of the project.

For further information:

Allan Spork

Managing Director