AMBU Aurastraight

Technolution has been a key player in creating a product optimized for uses and production processes. The overall goal is achieved by continuous focus on optimization of material, construction and production processes.

R&D Manager, Ambu


Ambu wished to develop a new variant for Ambu’s existing program of Laryngeal masks. The masks was to be developed in several sizes, in a new design and better performance through better fit and convenience. Furthermore, the masks were to be disposable to ease the daily work at hospitals.

Previously, Ambu tried to unite the function of the mask with the design of the other products, which proved to be very challenging.

Focus was on flawless masks, as a malfunction can prove to be fatal. Since it was a disposable mask, costs were a high priority.


With this particular product, Technolution was to address all aspects of the project.

Technolution has therefore been involved from the very beginning starting with concept, function and design, including the analysis and solution of the core problems of combining design with good performance.

Technolution was responsible for much of the communication with Ambu’s production facilities in the Far East. This included meetings with Chinese suppliers and tests at Ambu’s Chinese plant.


The new mask has been on the market since 2008 and is still a part of Ambu’s product line.

Ambu undertook the final documentation of the product, including process validation, which Technolution has assisted with the planning of the final product verification tests.

Technolution competences

Technolution has a unique combination See our competences
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of resources, which enables us to contribute to all phases of the project.

In the development of Ambu AuraStraigth, Technolution participated in the entire development.

We used:
Research & development
Usabiliy & design
Medical devices
Quality assurance
Project management

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