Research and developement


We support the process of finding the right type of production as well as production partner for your specific product

Efficient transfer from development to production

Numerous factors are taken into considerations, when identifying the right type of production and the right production partner. E.g. the product’s technical complexity, regulatory requirements, quality requirements, annual volumes, material and labor costs etc.

Whether the manufacturing of the product takes place at the client’s production facilities or at a sub supplier, Technolution can make the transfer from development to production as efficient as possible and without surprises.

We closely follow the development of a product through to the implementation in the production, in order to make sure the transfer of knowledge is safely passed on.

When having completed a development project, we contribute to up scale production volumes. This includes the implementation of design and feature updates to the product, as well as cost optimization, in order to improve product competitiveness and profitability.

Technolution cooperates with a number of production companies within various manufacturing technologies – low volume as well as high volume.


  • Technology Assessment
  • Process design and development
  • Run-in and approval of tools and equipment
  • Cost optimization
  • Manufacturing of samples
  • Design of Experiments
  • Manufacturing partner search and selection
  • Equipment specification and selection
  • Test & verification
  • Process validation
  • Injection molding


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Allan Spork

Managing Director