15. March 2016 News

A Ph.D. gives deep insight into your core technology, increasing value creation

In 2012, Centre for Economic and Business Research at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) prepared a report, suggesting that companies employing least one Ph.D. has a 30% higher labour productivity – on average – than companies without Ph.D.’s, measured in value creation per employee.

We believe that by expanding our field of competence to embrace a Ph.D. in physics we can offer our clients increased value and insight. This means that we can immerse ourselves in our clients’ core technologies, faster and more efficiently than our competitors, which in turn means that we can develop technical solutions that bridge more efficiently across all development disciplines.

With the employment of Ivan R. Perch-Nielsen, who has more than 10 years of experience in R&D in innovative environments, we can uncover new opportunities to increase the level of innovation in your core technical challenges through thorough analysis of your core competencies and thereby develop and challenge traditional methods, assumptions and traditions. This offers the potential for radical technical innovation and new differentiation and competitive opportunities.

We know that we cannot increase our clients’ productivity by 30%, but we believe that we can boost the value creation of the products by being able to analyse in depth AND put this into a broader perspective – perhaps by more than 30%.

Upscaling this area is part of our ambition to be your true all-in-one innovation partner – from A-Z.

We are glad to have welcomed Ivan R. Perch-Nielsen as part of team Technolution.


Allan Spork