16. December 2015 News

Development is faster than ever before


According to Ray Kurzweil, the development of commercial technologies follow an exponential curve – both historically and future wise. Because of this aggressive acceleration of innovation, it is paramount to stay updated on both technological and methodical advances. Therefore, we focus on internal competence development within all aspects of our development model. How else would we be able to guide our clients to the right decisions – with peace of mind?

At this very moment, our Front End Team is attending a course strengthening our competencies even further within User-Driven Innovation and User Experience (UX).

“The course will strengthen and develop our core competence, which is to see, involve and include the user in all of the stages of product development. We are prioritizing the development of our own competences because it is our duty as sparring partners for our clients. And because we simply don’t know how not to.”
– Kasper Friis
Design Engineer, Technolution

Two other colleagues have just completed the education in ‘Radical Simplification through Design’ also known as Simplimize, which gives us a series of systematic and strategic tools to uncover and prioritise the most valuable elements of products and processes, and eliminate that which does not create value.

“With the new tools that are now a part of our toolbox, we are now able to combine our product specific competences with a strategic approach to product architecture and portfolio. There is no doubt that this will create new insights and new opportunities for our clients.”
– Lars T. Axelsson,
Quality Manager, Technolution

A user-centred AND strategic approach to product development is vital – to your business as well. If you are interested in how this can affect your business, do not hesitate to call-us.