9. January 2015 News

Technolution congratulates Axlab on a successful launch of BiopSafe

In the beginning of 2014, Axlab launched a revolutionary medical device for use in laboratories and clinics

By using BiopSafe, one of the most common problems associated with handling a biopsy has been solved.

The risk of being exposed to formalin has been eliminated.

A risk that many doctors, veterinarians, laboratory technicians and nurses face in their daily work.

See our reference story about BiopSafe.

Technolution participated in the development of Axlab’s new Biopsafe product from concept to production

Managing Director, Technolution

Axlab’s Biopsafe product is a very innovative solution to a major problem concerning biopsies.

Axlab Innovation saw an opportunity in the biopsy market, and Technolution is very proud to have played a role in the development of their new product.

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Allan Spork