5. December 2014 News

Framework for business development with Technolution

Technolution has a proven framework for the development of the “safe” Business Case for the development of new products

Do you have a good project, but lack a concrete and qualified foundation for your Business Case (BC)? Technolution has more than 20 years of experience in technology innovation and a thereby a good foundation to handle the cost.

We have extensive experience from several development projects.

For instance, Technolution’s framework for the preparation of your BC takes the following into account…..

  • Potential “Scope Creep” from marketing and sales, which can influence the development time and cost negatively
  • New Innovation that can reduce costs and deserves to be included in the BC
  • Necessary pre-productions or building of phased divided production lines can lower the overall costs and ensure faster building of experience
  • Effective “Front Loading” of a project development capacity – can provide a safer BC and increase accuracy on Time to Market and the total cost

For further information

Do you need a sound foundation for the realization of your idea, please contact our Managing Director.

Allan Spork

Managing Director