3. October 2014 News

Coloplast launches SpeediCath Compact Eve

Technolution congratulates Coloplast on the launch of the new generation of compact catheter for women, SpeediCath Compact Eve

On October 1st, Coloplast launched a new generation of their popular female catheter. Technolution assisted Coloplast from concept descriptions, retail design, and maturation of the product to the final preparations for the production.

SpeediCath Compact Eve – Our most stylish and discreet catheter yet

Technolution contributed with a wide range of knowledge within robust construction

Director, Technolution

Once again we have had the pleasure of contributing to the development of one of Coloplast’s innovative products – this time a new catheter for women.

The development of the new generation of the catheter has drawn on all our disciplines within robust construction – and the professional project team at Coloplast has inspired us to deliver our utmost in both quality as well as pace.

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For further information about Technolution’s disciplines of robust construction – please contact:

Karl Hartmeyer

Senior Engineer