26. September 2014 News

Certified Risk Management and Usability Engineering

Consultancy from Technolution

Technolution offers set up of ISO certified processes in Risk Management and Usability Engineering.

Inclusion of Risk Management and Usability Engineering in project planning lowers development costs and provides faster “time to market”

Technolution’s structured ISO 13485 certified methods ensure consistency in the disciplines.

Technolutions proven quality processes ensure progress in the projects and creates a common ground

Technolutions quality processes reduce time consumption and minimize the risk of corrections by

  • Fewer return
  • Consistency in the necessary disciplines

Technolutions quality processes create a common ground in the development projects and increase the motivation of project participants through

  • Better understanding between user and development team
  • Involvement in results generated by customers

In addition, there is a fixed structure for meeting regulatory requirements.

For further information?

If your company wishes to improve processes within the Risk Management and Usability Engineering, please contact:

Michael Mikkelsen

Project Manager