1. September 2014 News

Ved du hvem du er? – by Arne Nilsson

An interactive lecture at Technolution has given us all new and exciting knowledge of typology analysis as well as new personal insight which can help our partners, children, colleagues and clients preform at their utmost

The 4MAT-typology circle shows the characteristics of the four types.

Arne Nilsson, coach, speaker and friend of Technolution gave a very inspiring lecture to all Technolution’s employees and their spouses.

Understanding each other gives better results

To balance our often very technical focus, all Technolution employees must ensure that we perform at our best in the teams in which we interact. The understanding of our own and as well as others’ personal profiles and how to interact with each other makes communication and learning easier and ensures better and faster results.

Before attending the lecture, everybody had completed the typology test in the book “Ved du hvem du er?” needless to say: there was plenty to talk about after the lecture.