19. June 2014 News

Congratulations to GN Store Nord! Intelligent headsets can now be pre-ordered

With the help of Technolution, GN Store Nord’s “Intelligent Headset” can now be pre-ordered and the first app has been released in App Store

Revolutionary headset

Technolution has assisted GN Store Nord in developing the revolutionary “Intelligent Headset”. A Bluetooth headset with advanced sensors that allow you to hear sounds exactly as you would in real life – sounds coming from your front, behind, above, below and from both sides. All based on your location and movement of your head.

First App ready

The headset can now be pre-ordered and the first app “Zombie X” is released in Apple’s App Store. In this game, you listen and to shoot your way through the zombies coming towards you.

Technolution has already tested both the headset and the App with great amusement and pleasure.

For further information please contact:

Søren Forbech Skall