Innovative consulting engineers

We build technical bridges from client needs to commercially attractive solutions

We create value

Our promise is to make a difference. We combine our creativity, systematic approach and our extensive experience with a focus on the actual process, as well as the final result.

In this way, we create solid competitive advantages and thus permanent value for our clients and their projectsSee our cases
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Technolution’s consultants will ensure success by adding industrial knowledge and experience to a project, whether it’s developed on our clients’ premises or in-house.

Our “open-minded” approach ensures a smooth cooperation and communication throughout the various phases of a project. We believe, this optimises the projects’ and our clients’ goal towards a solution, reducing the risk of costly iteration in the production.

Interdisciplinary expertise

We combine a unique blend of strong skillsSee all competencies
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, expertise and experience in all phases, when developing a new product, and subsequently in maintaining the viability and vitality.

Technolution’s part in the development projects is primarily innovative development. However, no projects are implemented without taking the leading trends in the relevant markets and technologies into account.

At Technolution creativity is combined with sound business sense.

Our facilities

We have our own prototype workshop facilities where we manufacture models for functional and user testing. Moreover, we can produce small batches for extended "look-like" and feels-like" test with clients and users.
Technolution's prototype workshop ensures our clients the most effective and cost efficient way for their first products.
Prototype workshop
Our high-performance and modern workstations ensure fast and efficient CAD designs and deliver computing capacity for advanced simulations within e.g. Finite Element (FEM) and Moldflow. We educate ourselves continuously in the use of the latest WE solutions which ensure our clinents the best possible solution.
Technolution has facilities where our client's own developers and specialists can meet Technolution's consultants for "brainstorming sessions", concept development, design reviews, etc.
For issues that require knowledge from several of our own specialists at the same time, our facilities serve as catalyst for innovation.
Our laboratory ensures the implementation of R&D testing continuously during the development process. Through verification of prototype, testing of functionality and continuous inspection of components, we ensure "time to market" and contribute actively to meet our clients' deadlines.


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Head of Mechanical Design, Coloplast
During this project, our partner, Technolution, has contributed not only to the final solution, but has also introduced new methods of development to us that will increase the efficiency of our mechanical development team in future.


For most of our clients, speed and quality are essential for a sound development process. Our experience has shown us that we can achieve outstanding results while supporting knowledge sharing throughout our client’s organisation by combining these elements with frequent communication and close cooperation. This way of working lies in our “DNA” and it is how we ensure the satisfaction of our clients and the ongoing cooperation.

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Technolution is located in the inspiring surroundings of “Den Kongelige Militære Klædefabrik” in Hoersholm.

We share facilities like reception, staff canteen, conference rooms etc. with a number of other interesting companies.